Hi, We’re Zero Trace

We are on a mission to transform home cleaning with our earth-friendly solutions. Our range, extending beyond laundry to all home care products, is designed to ensure a cleaner home doesn't mean a compromised planet.

Together, we’re making a difference.

Deepthi & Vikram
Zero Trace Co-founders
With you, we believe we can...
Protect endangered

Pollution is responsible for a shocking 318 recorded animal extinctions. By using our eco-friendly solutions, you actively contribute to the protection of endangered species by eliminating the need for harmful plastics, reducing the pollution that threatens their habitats.

laundry plastic

Billions of tons of plastic is wasted every year. If everybody took conscious action in their daily lives and stopped supporting large corporations that use extensive plastic, we could cut this number in half.

Make oceans
more clean

Ocean pollution is a significant threat to marine ecosystems, but by using our products, which are free from harmful chemicals and packaged in eco-friendly materials, you can help mitigate this crisis and play an active role in preserving the health and beauty of our oceans for future generations.

Help save the

No one can do it alone, major change requires collective action. You can contribute to the larger movement of reducing pollution, conserving resources, and preserving the planet for a greener and healthier future.

Our Pledge

Choose Zero Trace, and join us on a noble mission. Each product in our eco-friendly line represents a commitment - our 'Waves of Cleanliness' initiative. With each purchase, we pledge 2% of our sales to The Ocean Cleanup, striving for plastic-free, healthier oceans worldwide. Your conscious choice not only ensures a cleaner home but also contributes to a cleaner planet. Together, let's ensure every clean-up makes a lasting difference for a brighter future.