Tips for How to Get Mildew Smell Out of Clothes

Tips for How to Get Mildew Smell Out of Clothes

Do you open your wardrobe only to be greeted by a musty waft of mildew? It's a common nuisance that plagues the closets of home environments worldwide – and it’s not just a smell. Mildew can damage fibers and stain clothes, affecting not just your personal comfort, but also the longevity of your cherished garments.
Laundry enthusiasts, homeowners, and conscientious parents alike are forever on the quest for effective, sustainable solutions to banish mildew odors from their clothes. This guide will take you on an olfactory odyssey through eco-friendly tactics, helping you restore freshness to your wardrobe while maintaining a green approach.


Understanding Mildew Smells

Before we tackle this wardrobe war, it's crucial to understand our enemy. The pungent odor known as mildew is caused by mold spores that find a hospitable environment in damp, dark spaces. When left to flourish, these spores create a musty aroma that permeates even the most stubborn fabrics.
The importance of addressing mildew promptly cannot be overstated. It's not just about sweat stains and odors; it's about the fibers in your clothing that are at risk of actual damage. Sustainable solutions can both counteract the smell and protect the planet from further damage due to chemical cleaners.

Quick Fixes for Mildew Smells

Vinegar and Baking Soda Solution

A natural combination, the acidity of vinegar, and the alkalinity of baking soda work wonders against mildew. To create your magic potion, add a cup of each to your washer and run a HOT cycle, filling the rinse with twice as much water as for a full load. This solution not only neutralizes odors but also cleans your machine.

Sunlight and Fresh Air Exposure

Nature's disinfectant, sunlight, and fresh air is the most energy-efficient method in your arsenal. Hang your suspect clothes out to dry and see the sun do its magic. UV light effectively kills mildew spores and airing them out eliminates any remaining odor.

Essential Oils or Citrus Sprays

At a molecular level, essential oils can break down the compounds that create the odors without damaging the fabric. Add a few drops to your final rinse or create a spray with oils diluted in water. Orange or lemon oils, in particular, provide a fresh, citrus scent that lingers.


Prevention Techniques

The best remedy is, of course, prevention. By adopting these practices, you can keep mildew at bay and enjoy a wardrobe that’s fresh and free from that signature smell.

Proper Storage Practices

Moisture is the fuel for mildew, so the key is to keep things dry. Store clothes in breathable containers, or use silica gel packs in storage to wick away moisture. Avoid damp or high-humidity conditions, and never pack clothes when they are slightly wet.

Using Dehumidifiers

For those living in consistently humid environments, a dehumidifier can be a game-changer. Not only do they dry out the air, making it inhospitable for mildew, but they also contribute to the freshness of your entire home.

Regular Washing Routines

Ensure that your clothes aren't sitting in the washer for extended periods. If you can't wash them straight away, at least dry damp items as soon as possible. For a root cause solution to mildew smells that doesn't involve harsh chemicals, adopt a regular washing routine with a powerful yet environmentally friendly detergent.


Introducing Zero Trace Laundry Detergent Sheets

In today’s world, there's a stronger emphasis on sustainable solutions, and that's where Zero Trace Laundry Detergent Sheets step in. Designed for the eco-conscious consumer, these sheets offer the power of a deep clean without the environmental toll. They dissolve in any water temperature, making them perfect for combating mildew smells even in the most delicate of fabrics and the easiest pack to take on a trip, to the gym, or out for a freshening use at any time. Zero Trace is not just about a fresh-smelling load; it's about the fresh impact on the environment.



Mildew smells in clothes can be a persistent pesk, but with a combination of natural remedies, effective prevention, and professional assistance, you can keep your wardrobe smelling as good as it looks. The urge for sustainability in daily practices is no longer a mere trend but a necessity, and our choices, even in laundering, can make a substantial difference.

We encourage you to give these tips a whirl and experience the rejuvenation of your clothes and the comfort of knowing you're doing your part for the planet. Take the step towards environmentally friendly cleanliness today with Zero Trace and relish the scents of a future washed of pollutants and filled with fresh, clean laundry.